Vantage Point Organisational Health Survey

Vantage Point is a survey developed by a team of OD professionals to measure organisational health and wellness. Bolstered by research, academic and peer review, and rigorous testing, Vantage Point rests on the premise that all healthy organisations display the ability to engage their workforce, adapt to change, and cohere across boundaries.

Vantage Point measures respondents’ strength of agreement with a series of 31 affirmative statements designed to assess three dimensions. Using the standard Vantage Pointreport, consultants and clients work together to analyse the response data, select priorities, and take action to strengthen the fit with the best practices of healthy organisations.

The survey may also be customised to add a fourth dimension, 'leadership', to the report. Vantage Point defines this as the ability of leaders to make organisational core values visible in everyday practice. Adding the leadership dimension involves creating an additional set of survey items (up to ten) through client-consultant collaboration, written to describe the values client leaders wish to put into practice.

For more details, please contact us to request a complimentary copy of the Vantage Point White Paper.

+ Assessment

  • 10 minutes
  • 31 items
  • Likert scale

+ Report

  • Executive summary
  • Demographic summary
  • Survey results and demographic response breakdown

+ Dashboards

With Vantage Point we are able to do the reporting through our analytics system. This give you far more inisghts that the normal Report.

  • Filter to create custom demographi groups
  • View information in easy to interprate charts for quicker analysis
  • Track changes over time

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