As a part of our commitment to excellence, we believe strongly in the value and necessity of training in order to properly administer and use psychometrics. Even for those tools which do not require training, we recommend that first-time users get in touch for a briefing on best practice. And no matter how experienced or inexperienced the user, we are always happy to offer our support and advice on psychometrics in general.

Some of our products require training for various reasons, which may include concerns over the complexity of data involved, a risk of misinterpretation of data, an establishment of best practice in the feedback process, and generally a desire to avoid harm. As with many scientific fields, psychology can offer great insight but also great risk, and so proper guidelines have been created to protect all involved. Many of our tools are registered with the British Psychological Society and governed by their guidelines for use.


Training Courses

In order to facilitate the use of psychometrics, we are happy to offer training courses as part of our services. These can be undertaken in several ways:

  • Book onto an open learning programme at a training centre

  • Schedule a programme for your organisation, on- or off-site

  • Schedule a session to refresh or update previous qualifications

  • Undertake web-based learning (for selected courses)

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