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A cognitive assessment measuring individual preferences, Think Smart helps individuals understand the different ways they think. It identifies cognitive strengths and potential development areas over ten different styles to provide a framework explaining how an individual processes information. The Think Smart report can help individuals increase their self-awareness as well as providing a common language to help teams understand the working processes of their members. Offering both a comprehensive analysis of the ways in which individuals think and developmental suggestions to help them adjust to the demands of the workplace, Think Smart can improve an individual's self-awareness as well as their working relationships.

To maximise the value of this assessment, we recommend using it with Propel, which enables and tracks goal setting and action planning after feedback. To get started using Propel, just contact us.



10 minutes
74 items
Likert scale

Sensory focus

Visual thinking
Auditory thinking
Intuitive thinking

People focus

Conformist thinking
Challenging thinking

Task focus

Creative thinking
Logical thinking
Simplicity thinking
Complexity thinking
Troubleshooter thinking



£15 /per participant

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