Sales Talent and Performance Dashboards

Sales Talent and Performance Dashboards


Sales Talent and Performance Dashboards ensure that development is focused precisely when and where it is needed, stretching your precious development budget. The dashboards offer a clear route to optimising the performance of one or more sales teams by presenting a detailed person-by-person and team-by-team development needs analysis. They enable you to see how a sales team’s capabilities match up to those you would expect to find in a world-class team doing the same job.

Sales Talent and Performance Dashboards provide managers with a detailed but easy-to-interpret overview of performance capability and potential across a whole sales team (derived from individual Sales Talent Assessment data) in terms of factors that drive performance - behavioural competencies, critical reasoning, motivators, and skills.

It shows at a glance how the team compares with the global high-performer benchmark for that role, highlighting exactly where the competency gaps are. At the same time, it also indicates which team members are above average for the role (in comparison with a global benchmark), so providing managers with the opportunity to identify which team members are at a competitive advantage or disadvantage compared with the wider sales population. ‘Heat maps’ in the report provide further detail across the team. There are similar heat maps for behavioural competencies and motivators. 

Sales Talent and Performance Dashboards cost between £600 and £1250 depending on the type of dashboard requested.

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+ Sales Talent and Performance Dashboards work at all levels of the organisation:

  • Sales Team Dashboard: Up to 25 people in the same sales team, or role, can be analysed to provide immediate insight to identify and action common development needs.

  • Sales Manager Dashboard: Up to 25 Sales Managers across the organisation can be analysed to provide immediate insight to identify and action common development needs.

  • Sales Leader Dashboard: Aimed specifically at providing insight into the capabilities and development potential of an organisation’s sales leadership.

  • Performance Dashboard: Compares the performance potential of two groups, such as teams from different regions, or one division compared to the organisation as a whole.