Big Picture

Big Picture

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Big Picture is a hands-on diagnostic methodology and tool set for engaging and improving team and organisational performance. With Big Picture organisations can uncover opportunities by engaging employees for lasting and measured change.

Change delivered in isolation without understanding the whole and without engaging the team is unlikely to have a lasting return on the effort and money invested. Big Picture provides you with the skills and tools to involve the whole organisation. Agree on key challenges and big opportunities and ensure everyone knows what they need to do to work most effectively at all levels of the organisation, from the shop floor to top management.

Big Picture keeps it simple. Its tactile kits draw people into the process, encouraging them to open-up and provide valuable insight. It incorporates a simple process with clever theory. The language is made-up of a three-step conversation path with prompts covering key aspects of the business, all captured on a template to note discussion points, key challenges, opportunities, and actions. It’s a flow that’s different, unique and engaging.

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+ Meeting Starter Kit

  • Carry case
  • A2 and A4 pads
  • Symbol rolls, including 20 sheets of each symbol and 8 sets of 250 stickers of each symbol types in a block zipped carry case

+ Workshop Starter Kit

  • A0 board
  • Telescopic easel
  • Set of mixed magnet ‘Poker Chip’ symbols
  • Set of 8×300 mm ‘Frisbee’ symbols (one of each type)
  • A3 sized ‘Path Card’ showing the Big Picture path on one side