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Personality Assessments

Aspects Styles is an online competency-based screening questionnaire. It is based on a well-researched model of 16 competencies designed to reflect those needed in customer facing roles. Only the key competencies for success in the job role are chosen to be assessed.

Dimensions is a flexible personality report for assessing key behaviours at work. It is a well-pedigreed tool constructed by Roger Holdsworth, one of the world's pioneers of employee assessment, and further development continues to ensure it remains a cutting-edge assessment tool.

Work Behaviour Inventory (WBI) analyses an individual’s personality in terms of their behavioural work styles – the characteristics of how they act and interact at work. WBI optimises the fit between individuals and position requirements specific to each organisation.

WorkSTYLE Profiler is a quick and accurate personality assessment. The resulting report tells you which of four high-level styles and nine Predictive Styles you fit, along with a 15 page report that details how you can best inform and persuade others.


Aptitude Assessments

Aspects Ability.png

Aspects assessments have been specifically designed for frontline volume recruitment. Aspects Ability is a series of short engaging adaptive online ability tests for verbal, numerical and checking skills. These assessments measure the fundamental skills and abilities required for frontline customer service, sales and support roles in industries such as retail, hospitality, call centres, transport, emergency services and manufacturing.

Basic Ability Inventory evaluates candidates for demanding roles which require successful performers to interpret verbal content and draw accurate conclusions from statements, charts, tables, and graphs. It is a superior measure of numerical and verbal abilities and adds strong predictive power to assessment solutions. With Basic Ability Inventory you can create pools of candidates for various roles and build reports in real time for efficient candidate evaluation.


Elements is a suite of adaptive ability tests, the are three parts to Elements; Verbal, Logical and Numerical Reasoning. Elements utilises adaptive technology to tailor the assessment experience by basing the difficulty of future questions on an individual's success rate. This ensures the questions they see are at an optimum level of challenge, and also eliminates an upper ability cap, enabling the individual to demonstrate their full ability. 

Logic Inventory.png

Logic Inventory is a superior culture-fair measure of thinking ability which differentiates between candidates who learn and grasp solutions to complex problems quickly, reason correctly, and draw accurate conclusions from incomplete sets of data. You can use it to create pools of candidates for job roles and generate reports in real time to ensure quality candidates and add strong predictive power to assessments of talent for mentally demanding roles.

Numerical Inventory.png

Numerical Inventory is an ability measure specifically aimed to differentiate individuals who can quickly reach precise, accurate solutions to numerical problems. The assessment analyses an individual's ability to perform calculations and draw conclusions from statements, charts, tables, and graphs, and requires the candidate to repeatedly shift among different types of numerical problems to demonstrate flexibility and thought agility.