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  • Provide your current and future leaders with the tools to successfully develop. Setting goals and succeeding at them is a key part of the development process. The Propel Leadership package combines valid development assessments with the power of the Propel system for goal setting and action planning. Using this package takes individuals from initial awareness through to maintenance and execution of new behaviours to enhance performance and increase effectiveness. Propel Leadership provides the leader and their coach with personality data, motivation data and a platform to create goals to build lasting change.

    Propel is an online platform based on behaviour change research to focus actions and drive behaviour change after an assessment. It provides clarity and focus on actionable steps for individuals following assessment and feedback processes, which are necessary to capitalise on their results. Individuals use Propel to refine priorities and set and monitor goals. Coaches use Propel to work with their clients between face-to-face sessions as well as track and map progress on their goals.

    Propel leadership change process

    Propel Leadership package
    Dimensions trait profile
    Drives coaching report
    12-month Propel licence

  • If you want to use Propel for a more unique purpose, or if you have a specific assessment in mind, why not create your own package? We can map Propel to any competency-based assessment. If you need help determining whether the assessment you use is competency-based, just send us a message and we'll be happy to help.

    The packaging process is simple. Just choose your assessment(s), or if you need help determining the best tool for the job, feel free to ask the team for advice. Let us know what assessment you'd like to use with Propel and we will work to map your chosen assessment(s) to the Propel framework. After the mapping is programmed into the system, you can start using Propel with your assessment(s) to maximise the effectiveness of your development process! Just contact us to get started.

    Customise a Propel package

    Contact us to create your custom mapping

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