Personal Job Fit



Personal Job Fit aims to better align a candidate’s ideal job preferences with the actual tasks, culture and environment of a job using a proprietary library of forty-two items which candidates rate for appeal and importance. It can provide valuable insight into whether a candidate's preferences match an organisation's culture and environment, and greatly increases efficiency in recruitment efforts. The assessment may be tailored to fit entry-level and advanced roles by selecting relevant items from its library. The system offers the functionality to create pools of job candidates and can generate reports in real time. By providing data on candidate motivations and desires and analysing their fit within organisational culture, Personal Job Fit can help identify the best person for the job who will contribute to the overall performance of the organisation.



15 minutes
Item count varies
Preference selection

Role-Candidate gap analysis on all included items



£11.5 /per participant

Project Management

PDF Report

Phone and Email Support

Customisable Invite Email

(+VAT where applicable)