OrgMapper | INFLUENCE is a human relations analytics tool. It produces a list of key influential employees and visual diagrams of internal communications. The tool is designed for consultants who focus on change management, internal communications, employee engagement, team collaboration, and/or organisational development. It has a built-in methodology for analysing large data sets and generating clear visualisations even for 20,000+ organisations, and it accommodates every employee, hierarchy level, location, and business unit.

Are you looking to identify employee-elected change agents to accelerate change programmes, role models to increase employee engagement, champions to enhance internal communication efforts, or local leaders to populate the future leadership development pipeline?

OrgMapper | INFLUENCE, an organisational network analysis-based diagnostic tool, enables businesses of any size to more efficiently plan, manage and accelerate their development programmes. With OrgMapper | INFLUENCE, organisations can call for an original, peer-driven election process to find their most acknowledged, capable, and motivated employees ready to drive their organisational initiatives.

An analysis project has a lead time of 6-10 weeks, uses an online, secure survey, and produces a narrative report. Its competitive price is participant fee based, with a maximum price of £8.35 per participant for less than 1000 participants and minimum price of £0.85 per participant for organisations with more than 20000 employees.

The development of OrgMapper | INFLUENCE was inspired by network science and sociometric research, a quantitative method for measuring social relationships. The tool has been applied at 300+ small, medium and global-brand organisations, and is currently being used by 70+ OrgMapper-certified consultants world-wide.

The results of an organisational network analysis with OrgMapper | INFLUENCE provides measurable and actionable insights, which empower organisations to:

Accelerate development initiatives by identifying influential employees who are able to harness informal shortcuts to convey organisational messages and pave the path to a successful transition
Transform into more productive workplaces by uncovering critical employee connections and communication strengths/weaknesses
Better manage the workforce by facilitating employees in their understanding and acceptance of changes

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+ Components

With OrgMapper | INFLUENCE organisations are able to ELECT their key employees, EMPOWER their influencers, and ENHANCE their communication strategies. The tool reveals formal and informal communication patterns, and identifies the informal influencers that will drive any development programme and best advocate the corporate strategies.

+ Data Collection

General HR data, such as participants' names, email addresses, location, business area, hierarchy level, etc. is collected and uploaded into the tool using a simple excel sheet. The system then sends pre-approved email invitations to participants with their unique login details to the secure online survey with 18 short questions.

Example questions:

  • Who is well-informed and has access to the latest updates in your work environment?
  • Which of your colleagues are most likely to speak for the needs and opinions of others?
  • Which of your colleagues inspires you the most when it comes to your work?
  • Whom do you often turn to for advice before making an important work-related decision?
  • Whom do you turn to if you need to discuss personal problems?
  • Whom do you receive frequent feedback from regarding your work?

For each question, participants can choose up to four names of their colleagues (peer-election method). The tool also offers detailed response rate monitoring, as well as a reminder and consent procedure throughout the survey.

+ Data Analysis

OrgMapper | INFLUENCE calculates the top influential employees based on the number of times they have been elected by their colleagues in the survey, and in particular their positions within the analysed employee network. Identified influencers are then contacted and prompted about whether or not they would agree to revealing their names to management and participating in subsequent organisational programmes. Only employees who grant consent get named in the final analysis report. In addition, the built-in methodology calculates the quality of formal communications and the direction of informal communication flows which are visually presented in tables and diagrams.

+ Report

Once the desired survey completion rate is achieved, OrgMapper | INFLUENCE automatically produces a comprehensive narrative report, including:

  • Filterable list of peer-elected and motivated influencers, who have accepted their role, distributed evenly across the organisation
  • Communication networks within and between locations, hierarchy levels and business areas
  • Various analytical tables and graphs
  • Noteworthy discoveries and narrative explanations
  • Final recommendations on how to deploy identified influencers to improve organisational communications

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