Bespoke Surveys & 360'S

With 25+ years of experience we can help you to create your own Custom Surveys, 360 Degree Feedback and Assessments to give your business a bespoke approach to people development. From years of experience building a wide variety of tools, we have the skills needed measure the unique aspects of your organisation from both a technological and psychological stand point.


Examples Of What We Do


Engagement Surveys

Build a custom Engagement Model for your organisation and use it to find out all of your areas for improvement. Use drill down filters to understand how results differ for the different groups and teams within your organisation.

Our Approach

Our solutions for individual development are designed to objectively measure individual characteristics, including aptitudes which are often overlooked or difficult to observe, through various lenses. These analyses create opportunities for individuals to become more self-aware employees and managers to identify high potential.

Personality: Work-related characteristics, preferences, and motivations based on various individual traits
Behaviour: Individual behaviour within the workplace, what colleagues and managers experience
Styles: Individual styles of work and interaction with others, such as how one thinks about issues, solves problems, and makes decisions
Strengths: The areas in which an individual, team or organisation performs well and how they can be leveraged

Training Needs Analysis

Good learning and development must start by first understanding the needs of those participating. To do so use a fully customisable Training Needs Analysis survey, to gain actionable insights into the development needs of your organisation.

Our Approach

Our team solutions apply to various stages of the team life cycle, with insights relevant to their ever-changing needs.

Formation: Optimising the creation process and organisation of new teams and directives
Conflict: Managing internal and external conflicts, rectifying stress points
Performance: Maintaining a well-performing team for sustainable continued efforts
Dissolution: Supporting members as teams dissolve, coaching for future endeavours Integration: Facilitating the entry of new members into an established group

360 & 180 degree feedback

We are here to help with all aspect of the process from competency design to reporting look and feel. We can build stand alone or fully integrated systems to take the stress out of administering regular reviews.

Our Approach

Our solutions for organisational performance are designed to capture large quantities of data and display the results in a clear and logical output. These results enable organisations to address strengths and areas for improvement to ensure a happy, healthy and productive workforce and business.

Culture: The behaviour of people in an organisation and the meaning that people attach to those behaviours. It affects the way people and groups interact with each other, with clients and with stakeholders
Engagement: How committed employees are to their organisation’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to the organizational success and are able to grow and progress in their role
Communication: Understanding how information flows through your organisation is key to ensuring effecive change and development

Onboarding / Exit surveys

Making sure that knowledge is being transfered properly is vital ensuring long term success. Using on-boarding and exit surveys you can ensure all this knowledge is captured.

Our Approach

The solutions below are specifically curated for their strengths in five key areas of assessment and can provide invaluable insight as a keystone in the recruitment process.

Fit: Individual fit with the culture and ambitions of an organisation, department, team
Personality: Work-related characteristics, preferences and motivations based on a number of traits
Behaviour: Individual behaviour within the workplace, what colleagues and managers can expect
Ability: Individual skillsets and cognitive abilities relevant to the role
Competence: Individual competence to perform in the role to a high standard

How It Works

Idea and Inception

At this point in the project the key item on the agenda is to understand the goals and outcomes of the project.

Survey Development

We will help you design a survey to meet the project goals, working with occupational psychologists we will help you to create a robust and unbiased set of competencies and questions.

Survey Process Planning

When running a survey there are lots of logistic involved with the project. Thing such as how will the survey be distributed, does the data have GDPR implication or what device will the survey be taken on.

Survey Launch

We will handle all aspects of project management from access issues, browser and device compatibility, response monitoring so you can rest easy knowing your project is in safe hands.

Reporting and Action Planning

Use our advanced analytics system to drill down through all of your data to gain actionable insights and achieve the project goals.

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