ViewSuite360 comprises our range of off-the-shelf 360-degree feedback assessments for different levels within the organisation. The output creates an in-depth report of the strengths and developmental needs of the individual. The report summarises the views of an individual compared to those of their managers, peers, colleagues, customers. The components tab provides more details about the report options.

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+ Assessment

  • 10-25 minutes, depending on the chosen assessment
  • 35-100 items, depending on the chosen assessment

+ DevelopmentView360

Designed for leadership development, DevelopmentView360 utilises the next generation of response scales to improve 360-degree feedback. It uses a development scale from 'do a lot less' to 'do a lot more'.

+ Emotional IntelligenceView360

Enables individuals to understand themselves and other people, and then to apply that knowledge appropriately in daily life. By its nature, emotional intelligence particularly suits 360-degree measurements.

+ ExecutiveView360

Provides senior executives with the insight and knowledge to allow rich growth opportunities, enabling them to become world-class in their thoughtful and appropriate handling of the full spectrum of organisational issues.

+ LeaderView360

A concise assessment focused on middle and senior managers. It assesses core components of leadership: creating an organisational vision; communicating it; working with and managing other people; and creating a culture with values that motivate and ensure engagement.

+ ManagerView360

ManagerView360 creates an in-depth report of the strengths and developmental needs of managers from supervisory to senior levels. It recognises that managers need different, but equally important skills, to leaders.

+ PerformanceView360

Identifies strengths and development areas of non-supervisory and non-managerial staff. PerformanceView360 can be used for all professional, technical and administrative employees working either as independent contributors or as part of a team within an organisation.

+ SalesManagerView360

A comprehensive 360 degree feedback tool for rigorous, in-depth reporting of strengths and developmental needs aimed at sales supervisors and managers.

+ SalesView360

Provides a broad assessment of critical interpersonal, intrapersonal and sales skills for each member of your sales team.

+ TeamView360

Helps understand and enhance team effectiveness and performance. Team self-development translates team plans and goals into individual actions.

+ Transformational LeadershipView360

Provides leaders, and those looking to move into leadership positions, with an understanding of their transactional and transformational leadership skills.