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Aspects assessments have been specifically designed for frontline volume recruitment. Aspects Ability is a series of short engaging adaptive online ability tests for verbal, numerical and checking skills. These assessments measure the fundamental skills and abilities required for frontline customer service, sales and support roles in industries such as retail, hospitality, call centres, transport, emergency services and manufacturing.

All of the Aspects Ability assessments utilise adaptive technology to tailor the assessment experience by basing the difficulty of future questions on an individual's success rate. This ensures the questions they see are at an optimum level of challenge, and also eliminates an upper ability cap, enabling the individual to demonstrate their full ability.

Aspects Styles is an online competency-based screening questionnaire. It is based on a well-researched model of 16 competencies designed to reflect those needed in customer facing roles. Only the key competencies for success in the job role are chosen to be assessed.

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+ Aspects Ability Verbal Assessment

  • 8 minutes
  • 12 items
  • Multiple choice answers
  • No overall time limit for the test but there is a time limit for each question: 75 seconds for the first question in each passage and 60 seconds for the remaining questions
    • Text passage interpretation

+ Aspects Ability Verbal Report

  • Interpretation of verbal information
  • Ability to reach correct conclusions

+ Aspects Ability Numerical Assessment

  • 10 minutes
  • 12 items
  • Multiple choice answers
    • Table interpretation

+ Aspects Ability Numerical Report

  • Ability to analyse and draw inferences from numerical information and data

+ Aspects Ability Checking Assessment

  • 6 minutes
  • 46 items
  • No overall time limited for the test but there is a time limit for each question: the time limit per image is 60 seconds for images with 6 rows and 50 seconds for images with 5 rows (giving an average of 10 seconds for each question)
    • Checking information

+ Aspects Ability Checking Report

  • Ability to quickly and accurately detect errors in data

+ Aspects Styles

  • 8 minutes
  • Number of items varies depending on the number of competencies chosen
  • Multiple choice answers
    • Competencies

+ Aspect Styles Report

  • Overall suitability score
  • Styles competency profile
  • Styles interview guide

+ Aspects Styles Competency Framework

  • Adaptability
  • Commercial orientation
  • Complex thinking
  • Creativity
  • Customer orientation
  • Decisiveness
  • Drive and motivation
  • Efficiency and reliability
  • Influencing and selling
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Planning and organising
  • Resilience
  • Resourcefulness
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Teamwork
  • Working with data

Aspects Styles also produces an interview guide, enabling the interviewing manager to conduct higher quality and more relevant interviews. After completing the questionnaire, an overall suitability score is also provided for the candidate giving an indication of their fit for the role. This helps to reduce bias and improve consistency within the interview itself.