R2 Strengths Profiler

R2 Strengths Profiler


Designed to unlock the performance potential of individuals, teams and organisations, R2 Strengths Profiler is a development report which provides unique insights into individual strengths and weaknesses, and can help individuals and teams distinguish strengths from learned behaviours. It features a comprehensive model and language which enables individuals to analyse their strengths and share them with others, helping to build capability to leverage strengths and achieve goals.

R2 Strengths Profiler measures sixty attributes across three dimensions: energy, performance and use. These three dimensions are then used to identify where an individual’s strengths lie across four categories: realised strengths, unrealised strengths, learned behaviours, and weaknesses. R2 Strengths Profiler aims to help individuals leverage their abilities by offering advice on how to marshall strengths appropriate to situation and context, how to moderate learned behaviours, how to minimise weaknesses, and how to maximise unrealised strengths.

To maximise the value of this assessment, we recommend using it with Propel, which enables and tracks goal setting and action planning after feedback. To get started using Propel with R2 Strengths Profiler, just contact us.

Listed price is for a R2 Strengths Profiler Introductory Profile. This product requires training for use of its Expert and Team Profiles. Please contact us to verify your certifications or arrange a training session.

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+ Assessment

  • 20 minutes
  • 60 items
  • Likert scale

+ Introductory Profile

  • Introduction to R2 Strengths Profiler model
  • 7 realised and unrealised strengths
  • 4 learned behaviours
  • 3 weaknesses

+ Expert Profile

  • Full data and individualised feedback for all 60 attributes, and their classification in the R2 Strengths Profiler model
  • Dominant patterns of strengths, weaknesses and learned behaviours across five Strength Families

+ Team Profile

  • Premium Report for all team members
  • Team profile (up to 20 participants)