Career Competency Indicator (CCI)

Career Competency Indicator (CCI)


Specifically developed by the University of Worcester for 18-24 year olds,Career Competency Indicator (CCI) is a self-assessment report offering a holistic approach to career management. CCI uses a clear model of career competence to analyse competencies which are critical to young adults successfully managing their own careers. The tool not only identifies the relative development of those competencies, but also offers clear guidance on how to further improve. By creating individualised, focused development plans, CCI enables participants to take control of their careers and development journeys.

To maximise the value of this assessment, we recommend using it with Propel, which enables and tracks goal setting and action planning after feedback. To get started using Propel with CCI, just contact us.

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+ Assessment

  • 15 mins
  • 43 items
  • Likert scale
    • Career competencies

+ Report

  • Job-related performance effectiveness
  • Goal setting and career planning
  • Self-knowledge
  • Feedback seeking and self-presentation
  • Career guidance and networking
  • Knowledge of office politics
  • Career-related skills
  • Focus on two areas of strength
  • Focus on two areas for development