Sales Talent Assessment

Sales Talent Assessment


Sales Talent Assessment understands that sales is not a generic, one-size-fits-all activity and makes sure that your sales operation deploys the right person for the right role. This assessment is unique in its ability to assess individuals according to specific behaviours and skills required to perform well in specific sales roles.

Using Sales Talent Assessment, you can assess your entire sales team and identify who has the potential to perform better, along with detailed development needs analysis to help them to perform at their best. Sales Talent Assessment is benchmarked against the profile of a global high-performer for each role, providing you with the objective data you need to make confident decisions about who to hire and who to develop. Sales Talent Assessment can help you to hire the right people, retain high-performers, motivate employees, identify key areas for development and widen the talent pool.

Sales Talent Assessment costs between £310 and £749 depending upon the type of assessment being undertaken.

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+ 5 Key Factors determine whether or not an individual will be a high performer. These are:

  • Behaviour: an individual’s behavioural preferences, which determine their comfort in performing a specific sales role.

  • Critical Reasoning: an individual’s intelligence and ability to analyse data, evaluate evidence, question methods, and reach meaningful conclusions.

  • Motivators: motivations which drive an individual’s desire to perform in a role; which in turn drives results.

  • Skills: functional skills which determine how well an individual can perform a role.

  • Cultural Fit: the extent to which an individual identifies with the style, values and culture of the employing organisation and its customers. (This is not measured but is left for the interview phase as this element is shown to be non-predicative of future sales performance).

These five factors come together to create an accurate and holistic picture of a sales team, and the individuals within it, allowing for the most effective development or recruitment to be carried out.