Behavioural Interview Online

Behavioural Interview Online


Automate the initial interviewing process by using Behavioural Interview Online (BIO) to present customised interview questions and collect candidate answers. In this online process, BIO collects brief statements from candidates about key results, which they can opt to make more compelling by requesting confirmation from credible references. BIO saves time and cost by collecting behavioural answers earlier in the selection process than is feasible for on-site interviews, and can aid or replace telephone screening interviews. The online system can be accessed 24/7 and generates reports in real time. You can use BIO to create candidate pools for various roles and boost the accuracy of your short-list screening decisions. In addition to its assessment report, BIO generates a personalised interview kit to improve the quality of further interviews. The kit contains all collected information about the candidate along with additional behavioural questions for final round interviewers.

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+ Assessment

  • Completion time varies
  • Item count varies; typically 3-6
  • Written text answers
    • Competency
    • Technical
    • Achievement

+ Report

  • Displayed questions and answers
  • Provided external verifications

+ Interview Kit

  • Collected information
  • Additional questions for further interviews