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  • Developed with an emphasis on combining scientific rigour, valuable information, and ease of use, Dimensions is a flexible personality report for assessing key behaviours at work. It is a well-pedigreed tool constructed by Roger Holdsworth, one of the world's pioneers of employee assessment, and further development continues to ensure it remains a cutting-edge assessment tool. With just one questionnaire you can interpret collected data for an extensive range of applications to help make important talent decisions.

    Amongst these applications, Dimensions offers solutions for recruitment, team building, identifying potential, succession planning, and people development. The system features a role profiling wizard which allows you to measure candidates against specific job requirements or role characteristics. It can easily be mapped to a competency framework, branded to reflect your corporate image, and integrated with applicant tracking and HR systems. It is ideal for multinational programmes as it offers assessments and reports in over forty languages.

    Dimensions costs between £25 and £75 depending on the number of reports requested. Please specify the reports you'd like in your order notes.

    To maximise the value of this assessment, we recommend using it with Propel, which enables and tracks goal setting and action planning after feedback. To get started using Propel with Dimensions, just contact us.

  • 43 languages

    25 minutes
    160 items
    Likert scale

    Trait Report (Recruitment, Development)
    15 common organisational competencies

    Narrative Report (Recruitment, Development)
    Narrative comments describing the possible implications of the respondent's typical work behaviours

    Team Profile (Teams)
    Analysis of individual behaviour in a team context
    *Results from multiple individuals may be combined to create a composite team profile

    Behavioural Type at Work Profile (Development)
    Analysis of individual behaviour at work in relation to Jung's and A/B personality types
    *Should not be used for recruitment purposes

    Sales Profile (Development)
    Analysis of personality in relation to sales cycle management stages
    Development needs in the areas of selling and influencing

    Derailment Report (Development)
    Analysis of 8 behavioural styles with risk of derailment

    Potential Report (Development)
    11 key components of individual potential
    Supporting narrative

    Development Profile (Development)
    In-depth views of typical behaviour against 45 indicators
    *Recommended with facilitated feedback

    Development Feedback Report (Development)
    Analysis of likely implications of the individual's typical work behaviour in the context of development

    Role Match Profile (Recruitment)
    Contrasting analysis of 15 dimensions with selected role profiles for risk assessment

    Interview Guide (Recruitment)
    Contrasting analysis of typical behaviour with a user-determined role profile, identifying likely strengths, limitations and neutral areas
    Corresponding interview questions

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