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  • Aspects Styles
  • Aspects Styles
  • Aspects Styles
  • Aspects Styles
  • Aspects Styles
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  • Overview
  • Components
  • Aspects assessments have been specifically designed for frontline volume recruitment. Aspects Styles is an online competency-based screening questionnaire. It is based on a well-researched model of 16 competencies designed to reflect those needed in customer facing roles. Only the key competencies for success in the job role are chosen to be assessed.

    Aspects Styles competency framework
    Commercial orientation
    Complex thinking
    Customer orientation
    Drive and motivation
    Efficiency and reliability
    Influencing and selling
    Interpersonal skills
    Planning and organising
    Stress Tolerance
    Working with data

    Aspects Styles also produces an interview guide, enabling the interviewing manager to conduct higher quality and more relevant interviews. After completing the questionnaire, an overall suitability score is also provided for the candidate giving an indication of their fit for the role. This helps to reduce bias and improve consistency within the interview itself.
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    Aspects Styles
    8 minutes
    Number of items varies depending on the number of competencies chosen
    Multiple choice answers
    Aspect Styles report
    Overall suitability score
    Styles competency profile
    Styles interview guide

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