We have curated an extensive catalog of validated assessments to find the right fit for your Recruitment and Development needs. All of our assessments come with complementary project management, no need to worry about learning a new system.

How Can You Use Assessments


Individual Development

Designing a process suited to an individual doesn’t need to be a big ask. By recognising individual characteristics, preferences, and aptitudes, your development process can become a highly efficient catalyst for individual growth resulting in valuable return for your employees and organisation.


Team Development

Teams are the lifeblood of an organisation, constantly in motion to push projects through, form committees, pick up slack, and generally keep the lights on. Managing multiple constantly-changing units is a complex task, and the importance of team functions makes it a vital one as well.


Organisational Change

Our solutions for organisational performance are designed to capture large quantities of data and display the results in a clear and logical output. These results enable organisations to address strengths and areas for improvement to ensure a happy, healthy and productive workforce and business.



Academic research and case study testing have identified proven solutions which best predict the performance and fit of potential recruits. Designing a recruitment process to fit your organisation’s needs and introduce objective data into the conversation has never been easier.

Not Sure What Your Looking For?

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How do I upload participants?
— You can upload them on the assessment system either manually or via an Excel file. If you want the hassle though simply send them to us and we'll do the rest.
How do I access results?
— You can download reports directly from the assessment system or we can download them for you and share them using your preferred method.
Do I need training to use this assessment?
— Some assessments do require training, the ones that do will say on the product page. If it does just contact us to organise training for your organisation.
What research validates this assessment?
— We are happy to offer top quality products, if you would like to see the research behind one of the assessments we offer contact one of the team.