At Synermetric we believe in the power of science and the potential of people. We are passionate about providing the best possible solutions for people development and selection scenarios. On the one hand, we are committed to best practice scientific approaches which maximise effect while minimising potential harm to protect your employees and your business, and on the other we recognise the value of the human element and dedicate ourselves to providing a quality support system to guide and assist you in your efforts.

We contstanctly build on our analytics skill set to ensure we are always at the cutting edge and deliver the most effective ananlytic soltuons for our customers.

We self manage our our custom survey infrastructure to make sure we provide the most value through innovative survey solutions.

We curate a catalogue of the highest quality solutions, all validated and evaluated by professional psychologists, and we develop and integrate psychometrics to constantly update and improve our offerings.

We provide expert support and guidance for all aspects of people development projects, and facilitate training for best practice use of psychometrics.

We work with our clients to develop uniquely tailored solutions for data collection, information delivery, and project management to suit their particular needs.

We build synergies between people metrics to transform development for individuals, teams, and organisations.


Our commitment to quality manifests in several ways:

  • Our internal team is a highly professional group of people proud of the services they offer. We work in partnership with our clients and dedicate ourselves to each and every project.

  • We recognise our moral responsibilities in the people development arena and maintain the highest possible ethics standards. We ensure adherence to British Psychological Society guidelines and offer best practice advice to assist our clients.

  • We realise the risks that come with technological convenience and do our utmost to provide an ironclad internet service.

  • Our experts have all been awarded significant and recognisable credentials in the field of psychology, and have a depth of experience in the business world.

  • We place heavy emphasis on science and validation, curating a catalogue which ensures that our solutions are all evaluated by top professionals and psychologists.


Synermetric has a long history in the organisational development industry, from the beginning combining the strengths of psychology and technology to suit development scenarios.

1991: John Dutton and Peter Ward leave lengthy careers in OD to form Ward-Dutton Consulting.

1993: Full-time psychologist Lorenza Clifford joins their business, and relationships with other psychologists interested in psychometrics begin to develop, some of whom work with Synermetric to this day.

1997: Ward-Dutton Products founded to source and develop psychometrics for use in WDC practise. The Ward-Dutton companies begin to build an international partner network of similarly-minded practitioners.

2001: The Ward-Dutton companies combine to form ConsultingTools, a business offering high quality tools and services to consultants through its global network.

2014: ConsultingTools rebrands as Synermetric to highlight our increasing focus on the relationships between partners and their practices and the synergies between psychometrics.

2016: When Simon Dutton took over management of the business he focused on the development of our advanced analytics solutions giving our customer access to the most cutting edge techniques in the market.

Our Office

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